When I got an email the other day from a former colleague of mine, I knew he had to be up to something worthy of my attention, as we hadn't really spoken since we parted ways. He was writing to tell me about a new project he was working on with some friends called WAX. It's a new bi-annual print magazine that will explore the intersection of surfing, art and culture around NYC. The idea came about when graphic designers David Yun and Zak Klauck, and writer Aerial Brown noticed a huge hole in publications that speak to the unique community of surfers found in NYC and other urban environments (yes you CAN surf outside of California and Hawaii!). So of course I took a big interest being a designer, surfer, and magazine addict myself and I've already backed them on Kickstarter. Sound cool to you too? Well go support them! The first issue of WAX is expected to drop sometime in May.

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