Sink or swim

Maybe the PS1 bag doesn't do it for you. If a different shape is what you crave, and I mean different, then you might want to look into Larissa Hadjio's creations. Larissa grew up in Southern Germany, studied at the talent-spawning Central St Martins and has been living and working in London ever since. Her bags are playful and humorous, without sacrificing amazing quality and construction. Larissa's collections so far center around the themes of diamonds and sea creatures, two of the world's most beautiful things if I do say so myself. Check out more of her bags here..some are currently on sale!

Palm Springs

Dare I say the most beautiful nail polish I've ever seen? It was recently released as a collab between Uslu Airlines and Colette to celebrate spring and Colette's 15th anniversary. It's basically a party in a bottle, and even smells like fig...YUM. Get it here.

**Update: Essie makes a similar shade!


A lot of my taste in fashion runs parallel with my taste in interior design. I'll tell you what makes me coo coo for cocoa puffs, and it definitely ain't Martha Stewart collection. Pretty much the country of Sweden has design of all kinds on lock, and I never get tired of that modern, minimal aesthetic. I recently came across the blog of Annaleena Leino, a Swedish interior stylist with mad skills. A few of her awesome creations just went for sale in her shop including these geometric clothing rails and decorative silver pyramids I'm kind of obsessing over right now. Keep an eye on this one!

Paisley please

Jil Sander, Stella McCartney, J.W. Anderson- all used paisley this season, and in totally awesome ways I might add. But the most recognizable use of paisley in fashion has to come from the classic handkerchief design. From industry bigwigs to bikers and gangstas, its iconic design is unmistakeable. I, for one have always been a fan, so was stoked when I came across LA-based Rik Villa on Etsy. Working with actual handkerchiefs, the designer then reconstructs them into garments like shorts, t-shirts, bowties, and even kilt pants (yo Marc! did you hear that?). I'm considering the tank or essential for my summer steez!

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