April 19, 2012

Palm Springs

Dare I say the most beautiful nail polish I've ever seen? It was recently released as a collab between Uslu Airlines and Colette to celebrate spring and Colette's 15th anniversary. It's basically a party in a bottle, and even smells like fig...YUM. Get it here.

**Update: Essie makes a similar shade!


Magnet said...

woah, holy shit. That's cool, nail polish technology has come pretty far, huh?

A La Mode said...

Woah! That is awesome. Its so rare that nail varnish looks as good on the nail as in the bottle.

Sóley said...

mmm party in a bottle.... wait isn't that something else?
xx we are purple

Teviswain said...

Ooh, is it weird that I've never heard of scented nail polish? haha
btw, about the MK sunglasses... I found them at Ross.

Amanda said...

oh i knew it had to be one of those type stores! loehmanns has sick shades sometimes