April 30, 2012

Sink or swim

Maybe the PS1 bag doesn't do it for you. If a different shape is what you crave, and I mean different, then you might want to look into Larissa Hadjio's creations. Larissa grew up in Southern Germany, studied at the talent-spawning Central St Martins and has been living and working in London ever since. Her bags are playful and humorous, without sacrificing amazing quality and construction. Larissa's collections so far center around the themes of diamonds and sea creatures, two of the world's most beautiful things if I do say so myself. Check out more of her bags here..some are currently on sale!


Duck said...

OH MY GOD I love that giant fish bag!!! Just jumped the queue to the straight of my wishlist. 450 quid though :(

Patricia said...

wow, I'm impressed, such a nice idea!

Katrina Thurston said...

Ah! Look at all those fun shapes! I need to go check out more. They're just too cool!