My fondness of all things shiny and sparkly can be compared to a moth's uncontrollable attraction to a porchlight. As I write this, I'm wearing these silver glitter pants I got from H&M last month...I swear. Anyway, peep this sick set of images from the latest U Mag and drool over the tinsel and metallic with me. It's all SO good.

Double the pleasure

So, some important purchases in my life in the past few weeks, if you care to bask in my satisfaction. The pictures speak for themselves really, but to sum it up: 1.) WANT became REALITY; 2.) My wardrobe is complete.

Summer forecast

Susan and Chrissie Miller are definitely one of the coolest and most talented mother/daughter combos in NYC. Susan is my fave astrologer (get her app!) and Chrissie is the girl behind the most kickass t-shirt line, Sophomore, and they are teaming up this Saturday for an event. It will be held at 143, Chrissie Miller and Lindsey Thornburg's boutique in LES. You should like, totally go. I predict you'll be happy you did.

Kash money

So yeah, you Ksubi fans have probably noticed by now that they added ecomm to their site. Awesome for Aussies...doesn't help me though! But regardless, you get to see their full range of offerings and maybe if you can't take it anymore, you'll make a new internet buddy by way of Australia just to get some goods! I'm lurking hard on so many items they have up right now that aren't available at any US retailers. To make matters worse, there's a sale going on now. One of these days I'll get over there and proceed to hoard Ksubi the way I hoard Weekday when I make it those parts in Europe!