Kash money

So yeah, you Ksubi fans have probably noticed by now that they added ecomm to their site. Awesome for Aussies...doesn't help me though! But regardless, you get to see their full range of offerings and maybe if you can't take it anymore, you'll make a new internet buddy by way of Australia just to get some goods! I'm lurking hard on so many items they have up right now that aren't available at any US retailers. To make matters worse, there's a sale going on now. One of these days I'll get over there and proceed to hoard Ksubi the way I hoard Weekday when I make it those parts in Europe!


Julian said...


Her said...

eeeeeeek - I must have those shorts!

Care to return the follow?


CVNT said...

Ksubi's pretty cool, the camo+ leopard ponyhair they are doing at the moment is pretty killer.

I just can't take them seriously when you walk past their stores and the sales assistants (men+women) are having conversations with each other while staring at themselves in the mirrors?! Then you walk past again (20+ minz later) and they're still doing it?! WTF?!

Hahaha....Ksubi's pretty cool though.