Ksubi 4ever

It looks like the kids at Ksubi decided to go through their archives recently and photograph most, if not all of their jeans ever. Now this really makes me envious. OBSESSED.



These days, I discover new stores via Tumblr even more than ever. Once you start clicking around for sources, your taste will inevitably align with a person or place you'll want to add to your follow list. RSVP Gallery is a Chi-town boutique and gallery space that is definitely up there on my heavy inspiration tip, both in their inventory of amazing lux and streetwear brands, and the merchandising and styling seen in their promo images. I'll definitely be popping through if I ever make it to Chicago.

images via RSVP tumblr

House of Steelo

Brace yourself '90s kids! House of Style is coming back, like for REAL. Nuts right? The pre-internet show that so perfectly captured fashion and my generation from 1989-2002 is set to return and I couldn't be more stoked. I know it won't be the same without Cindy Crawford hosting (and they've yet to pick a host for the return), but television needs a series like this back on the airwaves. It doesn't premiere until October, but MTV has done what they should have done a long time ago and compiled around 170 clips from the show's 72 episodes for our viewing pleasure. I watched a bunch of them already...there's some serious gems!

Fruit of the loom

A random trip into Topshop today and I walk out with this amazing piece of hand-knitwear. I've been looking for a chunky colorful knit cardigan like this for years, especially after seeing this one from a Tokyo shop, and then Rag and Bone's take from Spring that sadly never went into production. Too bad it's like 95ยบ right now.

Nice view

It's been awhile since I've showed face around here but sunsets in NYC never get old, especially when experienced on rooftop bars of uber-cool hotels. Being backlit means loss of detail, so I have to point out that's a croc-embossed pony hair skirt and it's OG Versace, as in when Gianni was still alive and his name was on the label...I gotta say it's one of my best vintage finds to date. BOOM.

hat, Only NY; tank, T by Alexander Wang; skirt, Gianni Versace

You're weird

For someone who's normally on top of Jeremy Scott's every move, I somehow missed these freakish beauties. What the hell are they? Why am I strangely attracted to them? Oh yeah, cause I like ugly shoes.

images via

Familiar walk

So I was peeping some of the Men's spring '13 jams and came across these pants. Someone over at the house of Margiela has been spending some quality time with metal album cover imagery. I LIKE.

image via NY Mag