I'm goin in

Last night, the house of Margiela went ham with H&M and threw quite the little bash for their collaboration. Lots of pretty people came. But what we all care about is getting our little hands on the collection. All over the world wide webs today, fashion site after fashion site posted the rundown of every piece and its price. This will come in handy for people like myself, who actually plan on being insane and showing up before doors open Nov 15. I'm mostly after the accessories/shoes- beyond thrilled they decided to redo some stuff from the faceless watch series and the bags inspired by leather gloves from forever ago. I'm also super intrigued by the oversized jeans. I might have to try for those too...there's always returning/ebay. Speaking of which, there's somehow already stuff for sale up there.. MADNESS. I suspect PR chicks who could really use some money.


A La Mode said...

I'd love to get my hands on everything (without actually having to queue outside the nearest H&m store from 5am!)

Anonymous said...

can't wait for the glove bag and the faceless watch bracelet (would look so good with a natalia brilli nolex!)..

InkedandSewn said...

I did a post on this line too. I was one of the insane people who waited 7 hours in line for VERSACE last yr and i dont think I can endure it again this year. Wish that it would go on sale online . -_-

Jess James

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