The idea of matching the same print top and bottom reminds me of outfits my mom would buy me when I was a scrunchie-wearing little girl. I may be "all grown up" now, but I've realized the brilliance of having matching top and bottom combos on hand in my wardrobe. I recently ordered this water print crop top and skirt from internet-loving label Shallowww and I can't wait to make a SPLASH in it (sorry, was too easy).

Tartan all day

Really digging Acne's take on the tartan trend. Head to toe is pushing it to that "look at me" level and I'm into it.


This past Sunday, I went to Moma PS1 to check out an event featuring Future Brown (a new music crew consisting of Fatima al Qadiri, J-Cush of Lit City Trax, and Asma Maroof and Daniel Pineda of Nguzunguzu). DIS Magazine sponsored the performance aspect, which basically involved two basketball court stages with ballers doing choreographed basketball drills to the music. "Performance art" can lean towards the cheesy end of the scale more often than not, but this was one of the dopest things I've seen in awhile.

Top, Wood Wood; Jacket, Acne; Hat, Carhartt; Jeans, Zara; Boots, Jil Sander Navy


New York, this one's for you. This Thursday night, there's a photo show called “TOPLESS” opening at Human NYC, a gallery and storefront in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It will feature shots of four women (yes, topless) as seen through the lens of Kava Gorna. She's done work with some dope magazines and fashion labels, and her personal work has an awesome raw beauty to it so looking forward to checking this out. You should too, especially if you dig boobs.


Living in NYC gives you access to some of the best magazine shops anywhere. When I'm pounding the pavement on my way to or from somewhere, I love dashing into a newsstand to flip through a couple of my favorite mags. I would have totally missed this great story in the F/W 2013 issue of Pop Magazine if it wasn't for my addiction to new magazine smell. It's so exciting to see the new Stella and Celine collections in print too, especially set in a street scene.

Shot by Mel Bles

Sling finger

The latest edition to my infinitely expanding ring collection is this orbital beauty from German jewelry designer Saskia Diez. The simplicity, symmetry, and likeness to a piercing sold me the second I layed eyes on it. I'm stoked to have found it at Opening Ceremony's Ace Hotel outpost in NY- hoping they continue to carry her pieces!

Soft Rock

I always had a thing for cool, crisp white marble. Nevermind the fact that Balenciaga has us wanting to wear it now, you can also sleep on it too thanks to Safe House USA. Apparently the duvet "resists pet hair" - something I can't fathom with my boston terrior nugget, but willing to take the risk regardless for bedding this damn beautiful.

Ashish SS14

When NYFW ends and all eyes turn to London, one of the collections I look forward to the most is Ashish. He's the man that can work sequins like a puppet master, and if money weren't an issue, my closet would be that much more sparkly. For Spring, Ashish took inspiration from a party girl's hangover trip to her local corner store. This came through in the Coca-cola emblazoned tops, tribal jewelry, grocery bags, and multicultural influences that reflect the diversity of the shop owners. The party girl in me (and there's a lot of it) is swooning over so many of the pieces. Not to mention, Coca-cola never goes out of style.. just sayin.


Just when you thought you had seen every variation of the "cutout dress", this number walks down the spring runway. You gotta love strategically placed negative space.

Lisa Perry Spring 2014

All eyes on us

It's "that time of the year" again...FASHION WEEK. The very words send the average person's eyeballs on a quick spin around their sockets, but most people reading this blog probably give at least half a shit. A big part of that is seeing what all the cool kids going to the circus wore. Well imagine if your fave 90s cartoon characters attended fashion week- what shows would they go to and what would they wear? Italian illustrator, Michele Moricci contemplated that with Swagger New York and the results are pretty spot on (although I think Beavis & Butthead would be more likely to wear the real deal gear from Santa Cruz versus Jeremy Scotts ripoffs).

Eyes on you

Sup guys! I didn't move to Mars, I swear. Summer just has me in a chokehold, but looking to ease back into more blogging so don't give up on me k? In the meantime, feast your eyes on one of my favorite images from the fall campaigns which is Mariacarla Boscono for Dior. It doesn't get much better...

I got your back

You gotta appreciate the category of lux backpacks: hands-free and carefree, but sans lunchbox. NYC-based designer Artemis Millán makes this tasty pebbled leather number with indigo faux fur.

Get it at Assembly

Filles a papa

Among the bizarro gifs and half-naked chicks on my Tumblr feed the other day, I came across Belgian label Filles à papa and noticed right away how much their designs align with my own ideals in dressing and overall wardrobe personality. Conceived and designed by two sisters, the brand is playful, rebellious, and liberated; a bit sexy but boyish at the same time. They've succeeded at creating a new chemistry for modern girls, collapsing boundaries between formal and casual wear and blending "day" and "night" into one. I applaud them at making sequins look gritty and edgy...I mean tomboys wanna sparkle sometimes too! Peep their sale going 5.29 to 6.2.

The golden ticket

Over the years of being an iphone owner, I've mostly kept the case black as I wasn't a fan of making it much of a standout "accessory." These days though, I'm more and more attracted to the tricked-out cases so Marc def caught my attention with this crinkled foil number...candy bar anyone?

Gold all in my chain

Today is Donatella Versace's birthday. In her honor, VFILES posted up scans of the premier issue of the short-lived VERSACE magazine, which is the first I've heard of it. What I would give to get my hands on a copy! It's pretty damn amazing...P. Diddy and all.