Gerlan Jeans

Toxic slime and Minnie Mouse and rave camo, OH MY! Gerlan Jeans got that and more and they are setting up shop in the LES tomorrow for a 7 hour pop-up jam. Don't miss it!

Wake up, drank

I had to steal this post from lady Luxirare. This is too good! I've never seen a better way to stylishly smuggle your liquor, albeit not much of it, but if it's the strong stuff, it'll still get you somewhere. It's a bangle if you can't tell. Bravo Cynthia Rowley...always liked you.

It does a body good

MOO. Being called a cow is a not a nice thing but Riccardo Tisci made the print look effortlessly cool and chic right down to the hooves.

Givenchy Pre-Fall 2013

I created a monster

Revisiting spring collections, I noticed that Christopher Kane channeled some Frankenstein vibes, incorporating giant plastic nuts and bolts into some of his pieces. I really like the contrast between sophistication and DIY. It's actually some pretty cool inspiration to take with you to the hardware store, eh?