Pour it up

Can we talk about Stella now? Boyish, gangster pinstripes, 90s chunky shoes (give. me. now.), loose (and I don't mean slutty) vibes all over. So into it. I always feel like she's on my level, no matter how left-field or expected a collection turns out. And Cara in that housedress-looking thing? WHATTTTT!

via Vogue

Double dare

This past Saturday, I headed to MoMA PS1 in Long Island City, Queens for the Vanity Projects Pop-Up Nail Salon. Vanity Projects is a concept conceived by Rita de Alencar Pinto, who plans on making the venture a more permanent fixture by the summer here in NYC. For my appointment with LA-based, Japanese-raised Britney Tokyo, I knew I had to go for something super fun. I had a million ideas floating in my head when I sat down at her table, but ended up picking a slime design I saw on her insta, and got that for all ten fingers. So stoked with the results!

Built A house up on it, that’s an ass state

I always fantasize about owning property one day and what I'd do to make it my own. The apartment I share with my roommate now is a pretty good preview of the path I'll be going down: modern but filled with sick art and design objects. "Quirky" is a word I don't really like to use but probably best describes that other bucket of things I tend to be drawn to. Butt bookends anyone?