I've been having a thought or two almost daily about an Asia trip I'm looking into for later this year. I may return to Tokyo, but also considering Hong Kong or Seoul. As much as I can't wait for that trip or the summer for that matter, seeing these girls show off their layering game has me ok with what's left of this in-between-seasons jam we're in right now. Props to PEOPLEPURPLE for showcasing the ill street styles from the streets of Seoul!

True Blue

It's been a minute since I've been inspired by an editorial in its entirety...until I saw this one from Dazed & Confused featuring Kasia Struss. Denim isn't going anywhere (to state the obvious), but those of us who love it beyond our skinny jeans can appreciate some inspiration here and there. This ed. kinda reminds me of old Nylon spreads from the early days of the mag- the best time for Nylon, which I'd gladly prove to anyone who argues any archive goes deep!

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