Filles a papa

Among the bizarro gifs and half-naked chicks on my Tumblr feed the other day, I came across Belgian label Filles à papa and noticed right away how much their designs align with my own ideals in dressing and overall wardrobe personality. Conceived and designed by two sisters, the brand is playful, rebellious, and liberated; a bit sexy but boyish at the same time. They've succeeded at creating a new chemistry for modern girls, collapsing boundaries between formal and casual wear and blending "day" and "night" into one. I applaud them at making sequins look gritty and edgy...I mean tomboys wanna sparkle sometimes too! Peep their sale going 5.29 to 6.2.


Andrew said...

this is all too perfect

Stephanie / Cocochic said...

Ughhh the first sweater and the two tone jeans are amazing! Need them.

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