Living in NYC gives you access to some of the best magazine shops anywhere. When I'm pounding the pavement on my way to or from somewhere, I love dashing into a newsstand to flip through a couple of my favorite mags. I would have totally missed this great story in the F/W 2013 issue of Pop Magazine if it wasn't for my addiction to new magazine smell. It's so exciting to see the new Stella and Celine collections in print too, especially set in a street scene.

Shot by Mel Bles

Sling finger

The latest edition to my infinitely expanding ring collection is this orbital beauty from German jewelry designer Saskia Diez. The simplicity, symmetry, and likeness to a piercing sold me the second I layed eyes on it. I'm stoked to have found it at Opening Ceremony's Ace Hotel outpost in NY- hoping they continue to carry her pieces!

Soft Rock

I always had a thing for cool, crisp white marble. Nevermind the fact that Balenciaga has us wanting to wear it now, you can also sleep on it too thanks to Safe House USA. Apparently the duvet "resists pet hair" - something I can't fathom with my boston terrior nugget, but willing to take the risk regardless for bedding this damn beautiful.